Video Assignment: QueXVisions

Courtesy of: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015                   Courtesy of:

Before starting this project I didn’t really what I wanted to make it about. And then after thinking about it for a couple days I decided to just let the topic come to me whenever it comes to me. Thats when one weekend the idea for my video came to the light and I was able to start to make my video and make it however I wanted it to be. The idea behind my video was just out to enjoy your self in nature and the outdoors and admire the beauty that is around you.

For half of the video is was mainly recorded around the main GVSU campus and on the downtown campus as well it was actually really nice because it was a foggy day and I felt as if it was perfect for my video so I recorded that. The other half of the video was recorded when my friends and I went on a hike. The scenery was so nice and it was just so perfect.


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