Being Creative In Photoshop


The image that I decided to use for this project was an image that was taken downtown Chicago when it was becoming night time. And what attracted me to this picture was how well the photo was taken and the scenery that was presented into this picture as well. And looking at it from a photographers stand point the picture was just perfect in every way as well as it standing out to me as a person.

thecity4_0-copy This is the photo after I edited it in Photoshop. So at first I didn’t know what to do to this picture at all. So after thinking about what I wanted to do this photo I finally figured out what I was going to do I finally did it. What I first did to the photo was play around with the filters and see what I wanted to ad or not. So I decided to add two sharpen filters to it which, as you can see, made the entire image more clear and sharper. Next what I decided to do was play around with the text tool and add text to the picture and just add some some random statement to the image.


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