QueXVisions Fall Under Camera Websites As A Google Search


Photo Courtesy Of: Google Images

For this project we had to come up with google search terms that would help find us on Google. Terms such as photographer which would use to find my site. Another good term that would be used would be digital camera, and this would be because of the fact that digital camera is one of my tags for one of my blog post. Things such as unique photo would be a good way to describe some of the photos that I have taken. Of course another good way to easily find my website would be to search camera websites. Things such as camera pictures are what QueXVisons mainly focus on throughout the time.

Photo cameras are typically the main things people tend to buy now of days due to how well they take picture. But if you were to flip that saying to camera photo then it wouldn’t really still make the same sense as the other statement.The saying camera site could stand for many things like it can stand for a site that has camera information or it or it could mean where the camera is placed at for the pictures to be taken at. One thing that the internet is missing now of days is photo websites that allow different photographers to communicate with each other and possible lead up to working with different photographers. One thing that sounds redundant in most cases is the saying photo picture.  

My Key terms

Photo Picture(10k-100k), Photographer(10k-100k), Unique Photo(10k-100k), Photo Website(10k-100k), Digital Camera(1k-10k)

Google Key Terms

Photo Camera(10k-100k), Camera(10k-100k), Camera Picture(100-1k), Camera Website(1k-10k), Camera Site( 100-1k)



2 thoughts on “QueXVisions Fall Under Camera Websites As A Google Search

  1. I’d be interested to know how popular those searches would be and how much it would cost. It seems like the word “camera” would generate a lot of google clicks. I wonder if the investment would be worth it in the end. Regardless… Well done. 🙂


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