Jobs In My Field

For my CAP 105 class I had to research 5 different positions in my field and do some research on them. This is the information I found.

#1 Social Media Assistant                                                                                                                     Website:,-Inc./jobs/Social-Media-Assistant-ad6b8e2873a5a267?sjdu=QwrRXKrqZ3CNX5W-O9jEveyKMGbi7h6SG6Um4sc6REoCt_83OujZZHoejkX0S4iBqAaWrLT0VdaVc0QMFwwWzb1MBqUJSd_ca19y9WYZFSw

Job Provider: DigiStream Investigations. Inc                                                                                   Software/Digital Skills: Picks up on technical things quickly; can learn new skills and knowledge; is good at learning new industry, company, product or technical knowledge

#2 Public Relations Manger                                                                                                                 Website:                                                   Job Provider : Chicago Blackhawks                                                                                               Digital Skills/Skills Needed:  Minimum 5-7 years of experience in media/public relations required.  Strong organizational and time management skills with the ability to prioritize projects and multi-task.

#3 Digital Media Marketing Specialist                                                                                               Website :                                               Job Provided : Dyson                                                                                                                         Digital Skills/ Skills Needed: Vigilant editing skills, Understanding of web technologies and concepts; search engines, landing page design and optimization, tools and trends, Advanced knowledge/ proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook required.

#4 Digital And Social Media                                                                                                                 Website:                                                                         Job Provider: Event 360                                                                                                                   Digital Skills/ Skills Needed:  Fluent in major social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube, Knowledge of social media and analytics software (Hootsuite, Google Analytics, Sprout Social, Facebook Insights, etc.). Photoshop or Video editing experience is beneficial

#5 Social Media & Fashion Marketing Associate                                                                             Website:                                                                                                                                                       Job Provider: Akira                                                                                                                                  Digital Skills/ Skills Needed: Ability to write creative and effective ad copy, Highly analytical and data-driven, Hands-on experience with Google Analytics is a plus.

All information was collected from which is a job searching website.



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