Networking #2

For this networking event I decided to go to the career center to get help with interviews. At first I didn’t know what to expect because of the fact that I have never been tot he career center, but I have heard of all the things that they allow help with. So walking into the center I thought that they would just do a formal interview and explain to me what I could do better. But no after every few questions they would stop me and tell me what I could do better and how I could answers the questions in different ways and things of that such.

Overall this visit was a very successful visit because they prepared me for an interview that I am suppose to have in a couple weeks. I am really thankful for resources like this that are present on campus because I feel twice as confident about this interview now than I did before I walked into the career center. As well as they offer many other services as well that I will utilize to future my career development, so I encourage anyone who is reading this to go to the career center and let them help you with anything you need help with like resumes, interviews, etc.



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