Google Certification

Screenshot 2017-04-24 at 1.13.45 PM

Courtesy of: Google Analytics

When I first started this process I thought that this entire process was completely pointless and I just wanted to be done with this program. But after a while of watching the videos and actually paying attention to what was being presented to me,I found that the information was actually useful because it allows you to do so much. It was really helpful information that a person can use to better their business.

One of the things that It taught me was how you can put a tracking code in your URL and whenever a person clicks on you link it can tell you anything like the type of device they used, what part of the website they were on and etc. And information like this could help my business because it can show me what parts of my website that most people are attracted to. Which can allow me to better those parts of my website so that more people can be attracted to my website so that I can attract more clients.

As many of you all know QueXVisions is a photography/ videography business that is meant to help people capture those priceless moments that people would like to capture and cherish for a life time. My brand is meant to help people create art that they can keep it with them forever and hopefully pass it down to their loved ones.

Google analytics would help me in my career of communications by it allowing me to show my future employer that I have some sort of knowledge of analyzing data throw Google Analytics. This will also help me further my career in communication by it allowing me to be able to jump right in to my job instead of me having to learn this process over again so this program allows me to be prepared to work on the spot when it comes down to me analyzing data it would be much easier than if I didn’t get certified.



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